O’Neal and Miriam McKnight recently welcomed their first child together and when asked about the first book they’re going to read to their little daughter, they exclaim in unison: “Three Little Pigs.” Seems like the happy couple are already planing their child’s future. This new baby is definitely gonna enjoy having her parents read bedtime stories and fairy tales.

O’Neal and Miriam’s daughter’s name is Madeleine Grace and the baby girl came into this world on the same day O’Neal’s mother, Mattie Mae McKnight, was born. The couple view this strange coincidence as a true blessing and O’Neal, who’s mother and grandmother raised him, talks about feeling blessed and incredibly emotional for welcoming his baby daughter into his own little family on his mom’s birthday.

The couple are huge Michael Jackson fans and seems like they’re more than happy to make their little daughter a fan too. They plan on having Maddie listen to Michael’s classic off the Thriller album – Baby Be Mine as soon as possible. Congratulations to you both! We can’t wait to she Maddy’s inherited sense of class and style!