When a lady is around her man, it is normal for her to wonder if he is really in love with her. This question is always valid. However, it might sound inappropriate or else offensive to asking him if he really loves you. Additionally, asking that question might be misconstrued for being desperate and this can make the man to change his attitude. Ladies How do you know when its true love? Here is how…

He introduces you to his Family and Friends

A man who loves values your company wherever he is or in everything he does. If he has a meeting with his family or friends, he will not bar you from tagging along. He will introduce you to his family as way of giving you some sense of security and ownership.

He affirms and appreciates you 

A man who is truly in love with you will always notice every new thing or change that happens in you. It might be a new dress or hairdo. A man in love is very observes you keenly thus he will not wait for you to show him that there is a change no matter how small it is. He will notice it before everybody else does.

He meets your Emotional Needs

When a man falls in love with you deeply, he takes his time to learn your emotional need. He also tries all he could to satisfy all of them to ensure that you are always happy. A loving man will not let you feel lonely or unloved. He will always be there for you in everything that you go through. He will wipe your tears and make you smile again. He strives to become your source of joy.

He Becomes your Mentor

When his emotions for you are real, a man will want to have the best out of you. He will learn about your weaknesses and work together with you to make them your strengths. He does not criticize your weaknesses. He chooses his words carefully when addressing your weaknesses. 

He reserves Time for You

It is natural that a woman will always want to have quality time with his man. If your man cancels his business meetings or adjusts his timetable just to spend his time with you, it is an indication that he is truly in love with you. You might need to have an intimate conversation with him as many times as possible. Is he available? If he is, he is in love with you.

Honest and Open

A man who is in love with you will not hide anything that is going on in his life. He will show you his home, his place of work and introduce you to his colleagues so that t in case you need something and he isn’t available, you can get information about his whereabouts from an alternative source. 

When his heart chooses you, you become a part of his life. You become a part of everything that he plans. He will always mention you in relation to his future. He plans his future with you. Your success becomes his and he tries all he could to brighten your future as well.